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To get professionally engineered and highly reliable Lathe Machines, get in touch with us.

In order to precisely and efficiently perform the tasks of cutting, shaping, and turning materials, in various industries of the world, Precision Lathe Machines are demanded. As these machines are crucial asset for companies, they are expected to perform well to attain the business goals and targets. Saurashtra Central Industries was started to provide highly reliable Precision Lathe Machine to customers from various industries. We offer Sona Extra Heavy Duty Precision Lathe Machine, Sona Heavy Duty Precision Lathe Machine, and Sona Light Duty Precision Lathe Machine in various models. The offered models are different from each other because of their sizes, technical configurations such as speed, power consumption, etc. Our machines bring to us heavy orders from customers of various industries including the woodworking, tool & die making, jewelery making, manufacturing components, and many others. We provide lathe machines with guarantee of their magnificent performance, low maintenance, durability, and excellent working speed.
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